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"We're beautiful, regardless of our size and now we're seeing it and are pissed off at the years of humiliation, mu-mu's, and polyester."

I really hate my uterus. And I’m freaking out that I won’t be able to get tomorrow off for my therapy appointment.

When you’re strokin’ Mama, Mama’s strokin’ you!

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American Horror Story looks terrifying this season

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Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM 

Please talk to me :)

Please don’t tell me your favorite ship unless it’s “I rather like The Queen Mary.”

You’re allowed to have them and I’m allowed not to care.


how the fuck am i supposed to make life decisions i’m not even sure i want to be alive

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Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man - a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virle. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus - they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.
Monica Sjoo, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth  (via thewaking)

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during the autumn rutting season, red deer stag find themselves with elaborate bracken crowns from having rubbed their heads against the ground, which they do to strengthen their neck muscles so as to help them in battle with those competing for the affections of the does. photos by (click pic) mark smith, toby melville, luke millward and greg morgan in london’s richmond park. (see also: more autumn rut in richmond park)

look at these losers

Kinda want to use these as reaction pictures






i don’t always love
my body as it deserves
but i’ll always try

this is my body
marked and aching, far from toned
and it is awesome

when at my lowest
it is the most important
time to love myself

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You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.
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